Coward Springs, South Australia
Along the Oodnadatta Track

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Map of Australia showing location of Coward Springs
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Things to do near Coward Springs ~ Along the Oodnadatta Track

Blanche Cup Mound Springs

Wabma Kadarbu Conservation Park surrounds Coward Springs Campground

Travelling along the Oodnadatta Track from either William Creek or Marree you enter Wabma Kadarbu Conservation Park about 10 kilometres either side of Coward Springs.

This park conserves the unusual natural features known as mound springs. Here water seeps to the surface from the Great Artesian Basin, a huge natural underground reservoir of water. Sand and minerals deposit to form mounds that stand above the surrounding flat, salty landscape. Lush green reeds and other plants grow around the spring and its overflow, the tail. This permanent water supports a variety of life including birds, fish and aquatic invertebrates - some of which are found only in these springs.

Blanche Cup and The Bubbler mound springs are well known as showcase mound springs. To see them you turn off the Oodnadatta Track about 6 kilometres to the south-east of Coward Springs. As you stand and look at these pools of permanent water you will understand how important they were for local indigenous people and later for early European explorers. The fact of their being here later decided the route of the Overland Telegraph and then the Ghan Railway.

You can see astounding views of Lake Eyre close to Coward Springs

Lake Eyre is an immense usually dry salt lake covering an area of over 8000 square kilometres. There has been water in Lake Eyre for the last three years, an event that happens rarely and is dependent on widespread outback rains in Queensland that feed the river systems leading into the lake.
Visitors flock to see Lake Eyre when it is full but the seemingly endless landscape when it is dry is as truly astounding.

Is there water in Lake Eyre?

Keep up to date on water in the Lake: Lake Eyre Yacht Club or Lake Eyre Status (SA Parks)
Additional information, including the state of the tracks into Lake Eyre, is also available on the Desert Parks Information -Toll Free Hotline 1800 816 078.

Views of the lake can be seen from:

  • the Oodnadatta Track about 40km south of Coward Springs (Lake Eyre South which can have water in it from local rain)
  • ABC/Halligan Bay, an unrushed day trip from Coward Springs, 70kms along the Oodnadatta Track towards William Creek, then 64kms (4WD only) in to the Lake.
  • Muloorina Station, off the Birdsville Track 94kms from Marree (2WD not recommended).
  • the air. Wrightsair Scenic Flights operate from William Creek -

Take a tour

  • Local Arabunna guides, based in Marree at the Arabunna Centre, run exceptional tours of the Lake Eyre region and often visit Coward Springs for lunch. Contact or phone (08) 8675 8335

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